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Welcome to Jac and Della! We're so excited that you're here. Jac and Della is here to showcase comfort, quality and fair pricing!
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My name is Jacqueline Marciante. Della is family first and she's also one of my best friends! We've wanted to start an online boutique for quite some time now. At present, I am an entrepreneur and business owner with my husband. We currently run two online brands in the leather industry, Marciante and Company and Mission Leather Co. We carry leather shoes, bags, and accessories for both men and women. I love creating, designing and learning more about the fashion industry. It led me to start this and create a collection of clothing that reflects my passion for long lasting fashion over trendy fast fashion pieces.

Both of us love minimal style, quality, and affordability. I hand select each item to express my personal style of comfort and quality. Della is the creative eye (more like genius) behind the design, photography, and execution of the store. Collectively, we want you to know that you don't need a ton of pieces to look your best. You just need the best pieces. We can't wait for you to be on this journey with us!

Instagram: @jacmarciante 


My name is Della Alexander. Jac is my cousin by name, sister by heart. Together we took on this project to celebrate quality fashion in the fast paced world. I currently am a contract graphic designer, photographer, and illustrator based in Chicago for my small business Della INK. I co-directed a shoot in LA for Riddell’s sports apparel and from then on have always desired to further explore editorial photography. I find myself exploring textiles and swatches in just about anything. Jac and Della allows me to express my passion in this and in fashion.

Jac is a major trendsetter and entrepreneurial QUEEN in the fashion world, so I was honored to join her in this initiative. I’m so thrilled to see where it goes!

Fun fact: my guilty pleasure is burrowing in my apartment with all the Project Runway and ice cream I can get my hands on!

Instagram: @d.e.l.l.a